Friday, June 8, 2007

Every day is casual day! And, the walking lifestyle

Two more benefits of "temporary retirement" that I am really enjoying:

Every day is casual day! It's T-shirts, shorts, and sandals...and best of all, I have so many T-shirts that I can go for weeks and weeks without doing laundry! I don't even wear socks these days, unless I'm feeling dressy and formal :)

And, since I now have the time, I've been doing a ton of walking to do errands around town. I contrast this with my former life:

Driving every day: Scowl at other drivers and their idiotic maneuvers. Listen to bozo honking behind me. Try to avoid accidents. Crank up NPR to distract myself from the tedium of my commute. Pay $3.65 for a gallon of gas. Contribute to global warming.

Walking every day: Enjoy sunshine and fresh air. Get RDA of vitamin D from sunshine. Get errands done. Smile and say "Good morning" to passing pedestrians (who respond with their own nice smiles). Stay fit. Get nice tan.

I've pared down on car use quite a bit and am reaping the benefits. I wonder if I can stretch my current tank of gas through the rest of this summer?

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