Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Music Curriculum for Self-Study

This is my proposed music curriculum for self-study*:

  • Choir
  • Private lessons
  • IPA
  • Languages: French, German, Italian
  • Vocal literature
  • Sight-singing
  • Schools of singing technique
  • General keyboard skills/exercises
  • Jazz/improvisation
  • Sight-reading
Composition and Theory
  • Harmony
  • Conducting
  • Orchestration
  • Jazz
  • Ear training
Music History
  • Composers
  • Performance practice
  • World music
  • Jazz
  • Great classical singers
The Do-It-Yourself Music Degree (an idea I've been toying with): Find out what a college music curriculum is comprised of, and then do all of the same reading and study, but on a self-directed basis. (maybe later...)

*Disclaimer: This is too much to cover in one year, maybe even in one lifetime, especially for someone who does not aspire to be a professional musician. But this list will provide me some guidance whenever I ask myself, "What should I try next?"

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