Friday, July 6, 2007

Workshop on switching careers from profit to non-profit

P. tipped me off about this upcoming workshop on Tuesday, August 21 in SF, organized by CompassPoint:

Switching Sectors: Preparing Your Leap from Profit to Nonprofit

From the website: "Are you ready to apply your entrepreneurial or corporate experience to the world of nonprofits? Which of your skills are transferable? What do you need to learn about the culture and working parameters of this arena before you start your job search? Moving from a successful business career to a new career of public service can be both rewarding and challenging. This workshop will help you prepare for this move and avoid common missteps and “culture shock” while maintaining your enthusiasm to make a difference. We’ll review how to assess your readiness for nonprofit leadership and the similarities and differences in business terms, communications, and organizational culture."

Registration fee is $35.

They have another workshop on Wednesday, August 1 whose description intrigued me:

Sustaining a Life of Meaning and Joy: Leadership and Soul in the Workplace

Again, from the website: "Though many of us enter the nonprofit sector to pursue meaningful work, it’s easy to lose sight of our original vision when the working hours are long and the challenges great. In this session we will look at how you can be a more effective leader and take better care of yourself."

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