Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blogging job with my name on it

Okay okay okay okay okay. Opportunity (that elusive vixen!) has presented itself yet again with a listing for a paid blogger job that just landed in my inbox and that has my name written all over it - details below. I need to submit an application, ideally by end of next week. Here is my to-do list for preparing an application:

* Polish up my resume
* Gather some competitive intelligence: who else is blogging/writing about consumer culture and frugal green living (my subject of choice)? I know some of the answers, but need to probe a bit further
* Get some recommendation blurbs from my peeps that I can include in a cover letter
* Put together a convincing case about why wants to have me as one of their bloggers
* Write some thoughtful responses to the application questions

Apply to be a Blogger for!

Want to blog on an issue you are passionate about for an audience of hundreds of thousands of activists and nonprofit leaders?

Want to create the premier online space for your issue and become a leading voice for social action? is launching a social action blog network this summer and is currently hiring a team of part-time bloggers/editors to help create a movement for change around the major causes of our time.

Each blogger will lead an online community focusing on a different social, political, or environmental issue, maintain a daily blog covering news and offering commentary, convene leading nonprofits and activists working on the issue, and help people translate their interests and passions into concrete action.'s blog network will include communities around the following issues:

Global Warming
Human Rights
Universal Health Care
Public Education
Peace in the Middle East
Disaster Relief
Gay Rights

Human Trafficking
Global Health
Women's Rights
War in Iraq
Global Hunger
Promoting Democracy
Immigrant Rights
Fair Trade

Prison Reform
Humanitarian Relief
Animal Rights
Cure Cancer
Domestic Abuse
Mental Health
Rights of the Disabled
Sustainable Agriculture
...and more to come...

Additional Details

* Positions will start in June - we'll start interviewing in mid-May and positions will begin in mid-June.
* Part-time - this is a part-time position. There are no formal hourly requirements, but the blogs will require daily activity, so you will have to be willing to dedicate significant time outside of your normal work.
* Monthly stipend - we will be paying all bloggers a modest monthly stipend.
* Collaboration - this is a collaborative effort, and you will be in regular contact with's Managing Editor and participate in weekly phone calls with the other bloggers.
* Location: anywhere - the team is distributed across the country, and you can write from anywhere you like

To apply, send the following information to

1. Your resume

Nothing fancy here - just send us what you've got.

2. The social issue you want to blog about

Each blogger will focus exclusively on one of the issues mentioned above. Please include the primary issue you are interested in writing about. You may also list any other issues you'd also like to be considered for, including issues we may not have listed above (we'll be expanding this list soon).

3. The URL of any blog(s) you have written for before

Applicants are not required to have previous blogging experience, but if you do, please list the URLs of the blogs you have written for in the past, including your personal blog if you have one, along with links to specific posts.

4. Why you're interested in the position

This is free-form and casual. In your email give us a short intro about why you're interested in the project and any brief background info you want to highlight. This is not a formal cover letter and we're a laid back organization, so don't spend too much time laboring over this.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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