Friday, May 25, 2007

Voice lesson #4

I feel like I’ve overcome my first hurdle. At my last lesson on Tuesday, my teacher said that I had made a leap of progress since the previous lesson. Validation is always nice, especially after having felt a bit frustrated/stuck/lost for the first few lessons.

Better yet, I get to move on to a new song. (I was getting sick of the first one.) I can choose from “Sento nel core” by Scarlatti, “Come raggio di sol” by Caldara, and “O del mio dolce ardor” by Gluck. I’ll do the second one.

It seems like one challenging part of a voice teacher’s job is to be able to persuade a student to make technique changes that seem counterintuitive (at least to the student) but that are right on the money. The corresponding challenge for me as a student is to become more open-minded and willing to explore and try new things, even if I don’t sound good the first time I do them.

My choir is performing the Bach Magnificat this winter, along with other works by Bach & sons. I’d like to audition for all of the solos, so I’m going to start learning them and maybe run them by my teacher later on. Especially “Quia respexit” which he thought might be suitable for me.

I’ve also been looking at “Non so piu cosa son” from Le nozze di Figaro, but purely for fun, it’s not something I’m actually ready for.

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