Saturday, February 23, 2008

Save our California state parks!

I just sent this letter out to my in-state family and friends:

Dear friends and family in California,

I'm writing to ask if you would join me in telling our state officials to save our California state parks. As you may have heard, Gov. Schwarzenegger's 2008-09 budget proposal includes the closure of 48 state parks - see the article below. If you look at the map of closures at , you will almost certainly see parks in your area that are affected.

This is important and personal to me. California's state parks have an important place in the lives of my husband and I. We've hiked at Big Basin Redwoods SP, picnicked with friends at Pescadero SB, gone swimming at Torrey Pines SB, ridden the train at Railtown 1897 SHP, and gone on astronomy outings at Henry W. Coe SP and Fremont Peak SP. We even got married at a state park, Empire Mines SHP! And these are just a handful of the state parks where we've spent time. Sadly, Fremont Peak, Henry Coe, and Railtown are slated for closure, and lifeguard staff cuts are planned at Torrey Pines - unless we act!

Many of us Californians live in urbanized areas where access to natural spaces and beaches is already limited. These closures will only worsen the situation. Balancing the state budget is important to me. However, preservation of the state park system is also high on my priority list, and these park closures are too drastic a measure. If you feel the same way, please take a moment to let your state officials know:

Email your state legislators:

Email Gov. Schwarzenegger:

Learn more about the closures and how to take action:

And please pass the word along to others who care about our state parks!


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Anonymous said...

You don't have to live in the Golden State to be alarmed by this budget proposal. As Aberdeenshire's celebrated Caledonian chanteuse, Annie Lennox noted in her latest album, Songs of Mass Destruction:

Sometimes you don't notice the good things/ 'til they're gone...

Until later...