Thursday, March 8, 2007

Positive responses from New Dream

I've mentioned in conversations with friends that I have a strong interest in working for the Center for a New American Dream, once my year is up. I'm in touch with several of the staff members there, and I keep them apprised of my activism and volunteer work via email. I'm enthused when I get positive responses from them like the ones below. I hope they stand me in good stead when I come knocking on their door to ask for a job!

One staffer says:

"I was really bowled over by how involved you are with so many great organizations and how much you give of yourself to help whenever you can. You are a real inspiration. Just your enthusiasm alone could power this office--and we are an office with a lot of enthusiasm.

I'm personally touched, too. Your commitment keeps me motivated and gives me faith at times when I begin to doubt the human race. Thank you for being so dedicated and so cool."

Another says:

"I was reading over your e-mail reflecting on 2006-2007, and thinking what an eloquent and inspiring summary it was of multiple ways in which members and supporters engage with the New Dream community."

Yet another says:

"I knew that you were one of our top activists, but I had no idea that you were approaching missionary status! I am awed by your commitment."

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