Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Starting in on Handel's Messiah again

I’m participating in the Messiah Sing at West Valley Presbyterian this year on April 1. What makes this event unique from similar local events is 1) it takes place around Easter instead of Christmas, and 2) they do the entire 2.5-hour work, not just the popular excerpts.

I like doing these Messiah sings because the piece is fun but also highly challenging. Last Christmas, I did a whole Messiah Sing-Along Tour with three events, it was pretty insane.

I just spent Sunday afternoon listening to the movements that I don’t know. Fortunately, due to the craziness last Christmas, I realized that there aren’t that many of them. I just need to get some of the choral and solo movements from Part 2 under my belt, brush off and review the other movements that I did last year, and then put a little time into the technical stuff (i.e. “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion”). That’s the plan!

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